14 Must-Have Animal Themed Cups from Amazon | 2023

We’ve curated a number of the finest and cutest best-selling animal themed cups on Amazon.

By Dale S. May 23, 2023 · 5 min read Published May 23, 2023  · Updated May 29, 2023
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Cool mugs are vital. I remember purchasing a mug from a famous waterpark when I went on a field-trip in middleschool. It had dolphins and sea turtles on a blue and green aquatic background. As all heavily used cups after a few years, a chance drop was all it took to break it. But I still remember how it looked, and how happy it made me feel to reflect upon it.

Below are a collection of the coolest, highly reviewed hand-crafted animal-themed cups on Amazon that you will want to hug instead of drink out of. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Pink Ceramic Flamingo Gift Mug with Crown

This mug screams elegant but also eminent. It is hand-crafted, unique and affordable. A solid gift idea for the princess in your life.

Cute-Stuff Llama Mug

This mug can hold a decent volume at 16oz. It also has great personality and 4 little feetsies at the bottom.

Mara Stoneware Mug - Playful Puppies

It was hard picking exactly which cup from this brand to showcase, because all of the handmade stoneware mugs from Mara Stoneware or all so artistically interesting and varied. You can tell the care that goes into these products, and all are reviewed glowingly. This cup in particular is interesting because it has a cute puppy and it’s square. Where else are you going to find a beautiful square mug with a puppy on it? These mugs are one of a kind and are finished by hand. Also microwave, dishwasher & oven safe. I encourage you to check out their other mugs as well, the are genuinly so colorful and artisinal.

Wild Horses Mug in Azulscape Glaze - Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mug

You may have already seen these at someone elses house, but these particular cups are wonderful to look at. The painted colors plays with the stone texture and gritty illustration for a very satisfying looking cup. Azul Pottery has many different designs, all so suffused with color and style. If you’re buying this as a gift, searching for that person’s favorite animal within the Azul Pottery store and you will find some beautiful options.

Emma Bridgewater Handmade Ceramic Robin Bird Half-Pint Coffee and Tea Mug

From UK heritage brand Emma Bridgewater, these tea cups are elegent, and oh-so cute. They are hand-crafted and hand-decorated in Stoke on Trent, England. The price point, the look and the reviews tell the story. This is a quality item, and of course they have many other designs including dogs, gardens and other painted pastoral vibes.

Corgi Butt Dog-door Mug

You can see the Corgi’s butt on the side of the cup. There’s little else to say in terms of convincing. Note:You can chose EITHER just the Corgi Butt or the Corgi Head on the cup, not both.

Window Animal Handmade Figurine Mugs

Yea, this is absolutely adorable. This bear critter is cute, but there are also the cat, bunny, and fox variants with differenct colors for the cups (green, pink, and white respectively.)

Hand-painted Octopus Ceramic Mug

This store sells many different animal themed mugs with molded 3-dimensional aspects to them like the tentacle on this cup. There is also a Dolphin and Seahorse variant, all equally interesting. The Orangutan version of this mug is a great funny gift, with the ape’s long arm serving as the handle (and it’s $13).

15oz Elephant Tea Mug Green

This awesome elephant mug comes with a tea-bag holder. Knowing me I would put some dipping sauce in there, fire-up a couple chicken nuggies and curl up.

ToCooTo Bear Ceramic Mug

I saw this and thought, what a cool dood mug. Just a bear mug for a dood. They also have mooses, and bison. Just get a dood a moose mug.

Wild Mugs - Every Mug Has A Story

From the description: “These individually handcrafted and hand-painted works of art come straight from a pottery studio in Australia. Our ceramic coffee mugs feature animals from across the globe that need our help. Each unique coffee cup contains an insert that tells the story of the wildlife on the cup. Part of the proceeds from each of the unique mugs you buy go to the World Wildlife Fund, our Partner in Conservation.”

Burton & Burton Owl Mug

Out of all the owl mugs where the cup looks like an owl, this one is the most aesthetically pleasing to me. It’s not too cartoonish and manufactured looking. The owl has a very kind and oblivious face, and the blue, brown, seafoam colors all meddle together well. It is 12 oz and Microwave Safe/Dishwasher Safe.

Kiss Cat Couple 2-piece Mug Set

We all know that couple that can’t get enough of eachother in public. Or maybe it’s you, ready to risk all nine lives for your mate. Couple will love this cup, because everone they clink, the kitties touch noses. It’s literally the perfect corny anniversary gift.

Flower and Cat Ceramic Travel Mug

This is a tall ceramic 17oz coffee mug with a lid, with images of kittens and flowers all over. I simply could not ignore because I’ve never seen a ceramic mug of this style with a lid, but also the unabashed cuteness of the hand-printed illustration. The pure aura of these kittens drew me in like one of those candles of the virgin Mary. Dishwasher safe.

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