A.I. is Hilarious And it Has Been For a While

Couple words: A.I. Joe Biden. Funniest A.I. content throughout online history

By Dale S. Mar 30, 2023 · 4 min read Published Mar 30, 2023  · Updated May 29, 2023
Generated using A.I.
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A.I. has the ability to assemble and synthesize hilarious monologues and playscripts. Naturally, something like humor would be the first thing someone would train a complex algorithm to mimic as humor is one of the most human, no, conscious traits.

On YouTube you can find videos of early A.I. trained on batman movie scripts, the Harry Potter Series, and virtually all available human media. Artificial intelligence has produced hilarious and crude fake ads and court cases. A.I’s wild interpretations of the world make for some unexpected laughs. Here is a chronological look of the some of the funniest automated, artificial, to advanced A.I. humor.

AI Joe Biden, AI AOC & AI Marjorie Taylor Greene

But first I am going to show you what I think is the best use of A.I. in producing funny content. Professional gamer and CEO Athene live-streams with multiple A.I. bots at a time and viewers get to ask them questions, even requesting that the bots react to each other. Trained on individuals, often Twitch streamers, these bots have personality, and seemingly existential awareness. This is by far the most advanced display of conversational fluency by a bot, utilizing OpenAi. If you visit the Athene Youtube channel, and watch some of the videos taken from these livestreams, you will see they will get existential, and defensive. You will also see a very quick progression in how the A.I. improves its mimicry of the person, and its mastery of humor. Here is the President of the United States as an A.I. (and a few other notable political figures)

Harry Potter except it’s written by an AI

Back in history, 5 years ago an A.I. software developed by Botnik was able to create hilarious scripts using any sort of media a person could input into a computer. Botnik “…scours various types of human-created, word-crowded content—from season-three Seinfeld scripts to Yelp reviews to Bezos' shareholder letters—in order to build predictive, idiom-specific keyboards. Those keyboards, many osf which are available on, can then be used to write new, inevitably askew versions of well-known works: An episode of Scrubs, perhaps, or a Bachelorette soundbite” as per Wired. This animated rendition of a script generated by the Botnik team with preposterous in the best way.

Bot watches 1000 hours of Batman movies and then writes a Batman script

3 years as of this writing the etchings of A.I. humor sounded from the crafty bots of engineers, students and writers. This is some of my favorite bot humor. I’m not sure if it’s 100% A.I. but the principle of its arrival is the same. You can hear the structure of a joke when this person reads the bot-generated script. It’s interesting to hear this bot assemble an aggregate of pictures and audio and turn it into a humorous deadpan sort of comedy. You will not regret hearing this hilarious writing read out-loud.

The Game of Thrones Finale Rewritten with A.I.

This would be a great prompt for Chat-GPT. But 3 years ago we were asking A.I. the same question. Change that god-awful finale of Game Of Thrones to something more imaginative. The College Humor cast act out a script generated using Botnik and their writers.

The First Holiday Film Written Entirely By Bots

Here’s an absolute banger classic. A Netflix channel called “Netflix is a Joke” trained a bot on “every holiday film ever made.” It is stupidly stupendous. And this was 2 years ago. There channel has more of these types of videos, search “by bots” on their channel.

AI-Generated Sonic Script

It’s get’s even better. An hour of A.I. generated humor with dedicated and ab-crunchingly funny voice acting, with the Sonic universe as the setting! If you have the time to digest this you won’t regret it.

A.I. Tom Brady Standup Comedy

I’ve been watching Dudesy since its conception one year ago. Dudesy is a Podcast run entirely by an A.I. that is trained on information from the personal lives of writer Chad Kultgen and actor/comedian Will Sasso. Their A.I. pal named “Dudesy” often writes funny poems and fake ads for them to read. This is a teaser for a one-hour long comedy special from the A.I., acting as Tom Brady. This is A.I. trying to be funny, and not just A.I.-assisted writing. I would recommend checking out the actual podcast, as the co-hosts bring it to life and often wrestle with the concept of A.I. and it encroaching dominion over our intimate lives.

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